Wye - 1/4" MPT x 1/4" FPT x 1/4" FPT

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The Wye splitter can be utilized in an economical and effective assembly for splitting CO2 from a single CO2 tank and Dual Gauge Regulator system and sending the CO2 to two discreet kegs.

(2) Ball Valve ¼ ” MPT X ¼” MFL (w/Check Valve) will be required to complete the assembly.

Application Tip:

To install the Wye Splitter, simply thread two Ball Valve ¼ ” MPT X ¼” MFL (w/Check Valve) into the two ¼” female openings of the Wye.  Remove the gas outlet barb from the Regulator and thread the ¼” MPT end of the Wye into the opening formerly holding the gas outlet barb.

To complete the Wye splitter system, thread a gas nut and stem assembly to each ¼” MFL of the Ball Valves.  Attach a length of gas tubing between a gas disconnect and each stem, clamping the components together.

Now two kegs can be fed CO2 from a single CO2 tank.

To create an airtight seal, Brew and Grow recommends wrapping the male threads of the Wye and the Ball Valves with Teflon tape. 

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