Wort Chiller 25' Copper immersion

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Swiftly chilling wort from boiling to yeast pitching temperature greatly reduces the opportunity for bacteria to gain a foothold in your beer. While lessening bacterial infections, quickly cooling wort improves beer clarity by creating the proper conditions for an effective cold break and, in the end, a cleaner and better tasting beer.

Easily cleaned and sanitized, our 25’ wort chiller perfectly fits our 20, 30 and 32 qt. kettles. Once immersed, the water passing through the chiller quickly absorbs heat, leaving behind yeast ready wort. Manufactured with 25 feet of coiled copper tubing, our immersion chiller lowers wort temperatures much faster than using an ice bath. 

Application Tip:

The 25' chiller works great as a pre-chiller in warmer months and hotter climates. To pre-chill cooling water heading to a counterflow or plate chiller, connect the 25' chiller in-line between the spigot outlet and the water inlet of the counterflow or plate chiller. Immerse the 25' chiller in a bucket of ice water and turn on the spigot, thus chilling the source water before it runs into a plate or counterflow chiller. During warm summer months or in hot climates, this technique can significantly reduce wort chilling time. 

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