White Wheat Oz

Article number: 132

Gives a malty flavor not obtained with raw wheat. Provides a deep golden to brown color. Flavor contributions: sweet, malty, wheat, floury.

Lovibond: 2.5 L


Application Tip:

For a partial mash version of a Wit Bier, specify a grain bill with 41.4% Belgian Pilsen Malt, 17.2 White Wheat Malt, 10.3 % Vienna Malt, 10.3% Flaked Oats, 10.3% Torrified Wheat, 4.4% Acidulated Malt and mash for 60 minutes at 150F.  Following sparging operations and once the full run-off volume has been collected, bring the wort to a boil. Hop with Czech Saaz at 60 minutes remaining to achieve 15.6 IBUs and place a second addition into the kettle with 15 minutes remaining to add another 3 IBUs. At 15 minutes remaining, add in.25 oz ground coriander and .12 oz Sweet Orange Peel and .12 oz Bitter orange peel. With 10 minutes remaining, add 6.9% of the total recipe as Pilsen Dried malt extract. For a 5-gallon gallon batch, the amount should be about 2 lbs. Ferment with Wyeast 3944 Belgian Wit Bier Yeast at 64F.  O.G. 1.048

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