Whisky Barrel Chips 4 oz

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While barrel fermentation and aging provides complexity to flavors and aromas in red and white wines, inexpensive Whisky Barrel Chips provide quick and simple means of introducing oak qualities to finished wines and beers. 

Application Tip:

With the light toast variety, use 1-1 1/2 cups for white wines while red wines typically require 2-3 cups. For aging beer on Whisky Barrel Chips, 2 - 4 oz. will provide moderate to more assertive Whisky Barrel  aroma and flavor to the finished beverage.

Fermenting and aging both white and red wines on oak chips provides numerous improvements over simply aging or fermenting in glass or plastic without oak. Whisky Barrel Chips impart woody and vanilla notes to wines .

Brewer's Best® Barrel Chips are sanitized by nitrogen purge and ready to use. Add 2 oz. of barrel chips per 5 gallons during secondary fermentation. After 5 days of secondary fermentation sample your beer. If a more intense flavor is desired allow an additional 5 days of aging. Store any leftover barrel chips in an airtight container for future use. If stored chips dry out, re-sanitize by soaking in a similar spirit at a ratio of 1 oz. of chips to 1 oz. of spirits for 48 hours. 

Oak offers unique flavor possibilities in beer, mead, wine and cider. When working with a oak for the first time, a conservative approach decreases the chance of overdoing the oak.  Drinking a beverage with too little is far more pleasant than drinking one with too much. Later generations of the same recipe can be spiced more intensely by adding a little more into each version until a satisfactory amount has been reached. 

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