Wheat Briess Oz

Article number: 131

To impart a creamy, sweet, malty wheat flavor, specify Red Wheat malt for approximately 5% of the grist of any style. Provides head retention properties to the finished beer. For the production of Weizenbier and Weiss Bier, Red Wheat Malt can be used as part or all of the base malt in wheat beers. Efficient and with slightly higher protein than White Wheat Malt, Red Wheat is often employed in the production of Hefeweizen and other traditional wheat styles due to the malts distinctive, characteristic wheat flour flavor while Improving head and foam retention in any beer style.

Lovibond: 2.3

Usage Rate: 1-65 %

Moisture: 4.0%

Max Extract: - 81%


Application Tip:

During the formulation of recipes with over 50% wheat content, include a small portion of rice hulls as a filter aid to reduce the possibility of producing a stuck mash during lautering operations.

Specify 10-20% for Kolsch styles or 30-40 % in conjunction with unmalted or flaked wheat in traditional Belgian Wit beers.

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