Weld-less Bulkhead With O-Rings Stainless Steel

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With 1/2" female pipe thread inside the bolt head, the Stainless Steel Weldless Bulkhead features 1/2" threads running the length of the bolt.   When properly installed, the two included O-rings are seated, internally and externally, between the provided nuts and the kettle walls.

Application Tip:

For attaching ball valves, thermometers, etc to kettles with a 7/8" hole, the Weldless Bulkhead fitting proves easier to tighten with wrench(es) than standard bulkhead fittings. The extended bolt length allows for easy attachment of fittings such as ball valves or couplers .  When attaching the bulkhead to a kettle, both o-rings must "sandwich" the kettle and be properly seated in each groove of the supplied nuts.  To ensure best results, tighten to prevent leaks and do not over tighten.  

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