Vintage Shop 3 Gallon Plastic Carboy

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Truly designed for Home Brewers and Home Wine Makers, our new Plastic Carboy is constructed with heavy duty P.E.T Plastic and is BPA Free! 

Ideal for secondary fermentation operations, the Plastic Fermentor proves perfect for bulk aging of wine and beer without imparting off flavors and odors.

Stain resistant, the side-walls are not ribbed, allowing yeast and sediment to settle to the bottom of the carboy.  Easily cleaned and sanitized, the carboy may be utilized through countless batches and is impermeable to oxygen, preventing staling of finished beer.

  • Accepts # 10 Rubber stopper.


  • For filled carboys, we do not recommend lifting the carboy from the sides. To lift, place one hand on the bottom and the other on the neck.
  • Do not clean carboy with water hotter than 53ºC (127ºF).
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