Victory Briess Oz

Article number: 129

Kilned to a color rating of 25 - 30 L, Victory imparts warm toasted flavors to beers and depending upon amounts employed, will add deep golden to light brown hues. With flavors noted as toasty, biscuity, bread being baked, nutty and clean, Victory Malt proves well suited for Nut Brown ales and darker styles. The malt may be added in smaller amounts for lighter hued ales and lagers, adding complex flavors and aromas to the finished beer 

Lovibond: 28

Use Rate: 1 - 25 %

Moisture: 2.5% Max

Extract: 75%

Application Tip

Try this grain in Pale Ales, Bitters of all gradations, English Milds, Brown Ales, Porters and even Stouts. Recommended amounts for inclusion in the malt bill are in the 1-25% range or up to 2 lbs for 5-gallon batches.  For Dopplebocks and milds, utilize 2-8% Victory malt in the grist. For Amber ales and lagers utilize 5-15% and for Scotch ales and other dark beers, add in 5-25%.

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