Unmalted Wheat Rahr Oz

Article number: 124

Rahr Unmalted Wheat is raw wheat grain, providing a strong grain flavor and quite light straw color to the finished beer. Utilized in many traditional Belgian styles, Unmalted wheat contributes flavor, cloudiness, and improves head formation in the finished beer. With starch in the raw grain not gelatinized and the protein content high, unmalted wheat typically requires either a cereal mash and/or protein rest depending on the style of beer.


Lovibond: 1.5-4L

Usage Rate:  50% or less

Moisture: 12% Max



Application Tip:

For styles such as Belgian Wit, specify a recipe with 44% Belgian Pils, 29.3% Belgian Pale wheat, 20% Unmalted Wheat and 6.7% Flaked Oats. Depending on the pH target for the mash, Acidulated Malt may be utilized in the mash, enough to reach a pH of 5.2 at Mash Temp. Perform a protein rest at 122F for 30 Minutes. Following the 30 minutes, raise the temperature to 149 F and hold for 45 minutes prior to mashing out at 162F.

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