UK Challenger Pellets 1 oz

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A dual purpose hop, Challenger combines a good kettle hop aroma with a moderate level of alpha acid. Versatile, Challenger delivers a mild to moderate spicy aroma. For both early and late kettle hopping, Challenger for English-style Brown ale, Porters, Stouts, ESB, Bitter, and Barley wine. With flavors and aromas of cedar, green tea and sweet floral characteristics, the hop will exhibit crisp, fruity flavors from late kettle additions.

Typical A.A: 6.5 – 9.0%

Possible Substitutions: Northern Brewer and US or German Perle. 

Application Tip:

In Irish red ale, a ½ oz with 15 minutes remaining in the boil, Challenger will provide a pleasant spiciness to the flavor profile, complementing the caramel malt in the finished beer.

For English bitter, the varietal will provide a floral and slightly orangy flavor addition. Place the hop in the boil with 15 minutes remaining to gain the above qualities.

In a SMaSH style beer with 2-row pale malt, Challenger will provide a clean, crisp hoppy aroma with hints of orange and spice. Dry hop with 2 oz. per 5 - gallons.

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