Blichmann Thrumometer Assembly - 3/8" Tube

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During chilling operations, hitting the correct temperature has important consequences on yeast health and fermentation quality. The ThruMometerTM provides accurate temperature measurement of wort as it exits from counterflow chillers. The right pitch temperature reduces lag times, facilitates healthy and faster yeast growth, resulting in a cleaner, better tasting beer. Designed to be the most sanitary means of measuring wort temperature during chilling processes, the Blichmann ThruMometerTM features the following benefits:

• Made from heat treated highly corrosion resistant aluminum alloy

• Mirror smooth interior for easy sanitation.

• Precision press-fit hose barbs are easily cleaned and won't damage hoses like traditional serrated barbs.

• Built without fittings to prevent bacterial infection!

• Liquid Crystal Thermometer never needs calibrating

• Super fast response time (1 degree F/sec)

• Highly accurate to 0.5 degree F

• Designed to last a lifetime

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