Thermometer - Digital

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With a quick read time of under 6 seconds, the durable Digital Thermometer measures in Fahrenheit and Celsius and features a range of -40 – 300 F (-40 – 150C). Easily calibrated, our Digital Thermometer features automatic shutoff following 35 seconds of inactivity, preserving battery life. To maintain a temperature reading, press the data hold button and remove the probe from sampled medium. Press the Data Hold button to release the held reading. Manufactured with a 5” probe and packaged with a storage sleeve and replacement 1.5 V battery.

Application Tip:

To calibrate, simply immerse the probe in a glass filled with 60% crushed ice and 40% water and wait for the reading to stablize. Press and hold the CAL button for 8 seconds. CAL will be displayed for 2 seconds and calibration at 32 F/ 0 C will be complete.

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