Single Shank 4" Stainless Steel

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The 4" Stainless Steel Shank fits 1” to 2 ½” thick walls and ships complete with black finishing flange, faucet coupling nut and interior securing nut. Shanks provide the crucial connection point between faucets and the serving keg.

Application Tip:

For installation in a Keggerator, drill a 7/8” hole into the wall of the wood collar or refrigerator door using a standard hand drill and 7/8” wood bit, fitting the shank into the newly drilled space.


Finish the installation by connecting a tail-piece, neoprene washer and nut to the end of the shank opposite the faucet. Attach beverage tubing to the tail-piece and a keg quick disconnect to the opposite end of the tubing. Clamp the tubing to the tail-piece and the beverage nut and stem assembly of the quick disconnect, sanitize the beverage tubing and begin pouring through the faucet, newly mounted to the coupling nut of the shank. Dimensions :4 1/8" L Sgl-1/4" Bore-Beer Shank

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