Simpsons Crystal Extra Dark Oz

Article number: 310

Simpsons Crystal Extra Dark imparts deep copper to rich amber hues to the finished beer, and contributes strong crystal malt flavor notes of malty sweetness, caramel, and toffee.

Malt Type: Crystal Malt
Grain Origin: United Kingdom
Wort Color: 169.3-188.1 Lovibond (450-501 EBC)
Moisture: 0.05
Usage: Up to 20%


Application Tip:

Dark crystal malt provides malty sweetness to Munich Dunkels while utilized in conjunction with Carafa Malts for a roasty caramel sweetness. In a Barley wine, the addition of ½ lb. in a 5 gallon batch contributes a deep reddish color and complements the sweetness provided by the unfermented sugars remaining in the finished beer. 

For a Baltic Porter, specify a malt bill with 72.1% UK Pale Malt, 18% German Dark Munich, 3.6% Brown Malt,2.7% UK Chocolate Malt, 1.8% Dark Crystal Malt II and 1.8% Pale Chocolate Malt.

Hop the beer with a single bittering addition of German Northern brewer for a total of 32 IBUs and ferment with American Ale yeast at 60F.

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