Simpsons Crystal Dark Oz

Article number: 309

Simpsons Crystal Dark imparts darker hues of copper to amber to the finished beer, and contributes more pronounced crystal malt flavor notes of sweetness, caramel, and toffee.

Malt Type: Crystal Malt
Grain Origin: United Kingdom
Wort Color: 94.3-107.4 Lovibond (250-285 EBC)
Moisture: 0.05
Usage: Up to 20%


Application Tip:

For a Robust Porter with coffee added to the beer following fermentation, specify a recipe with 67.1% UK Pale Malt, 17.4% German Dark Munich, 3.1% Honey Malt, 3% Dark Crystal I, 3% Carafa II, 2.6% UK Chocolate malt, 2.1% Carafa III and 1.7% CaraAroma. For the bittering additions, utilize German Northern Brewer and German Tettnang @ 60 Minutes, achieving 33.3 and 10.4 IBUs respectively. At flameout, add 1 oz UK Fuggles and allow the hops to steep for ten minutes prior to chilling wort. 

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