Brew and Grow offers classes designed to introduce basic and advanced concepts, techniques and terminology to class participants. Designed to provide the working knowledge to go from seed to harvest after the beginning class or tackle more advanced procedures such as extraction, Brew and Grow's cannabis classes will enhance the growers base knowledge and skill level while presenting in an enjoyable and comfortable setting.

Cannabis / hemp cultivation basics will be the focus of the first class.  The topic of the second class is home cannabis extraction with microwaves.  See below for class details.  CLICK HERE TO SEE SCHEDULE AND BOOK. 



This class is ideal for certified patient cardholders or potential cardholders. Hemp license holders interested in urban cultivation are also welcome.  We will cover all the basics of setting up and maintaining an indoor cannabis/hemp garden. Class attendees will benefit by getting a behind-the-scenes look at our own on-premise production of CBD hemp flower. Learn the process of how to set up your own custom grow operation and walk away with some great tips on how to maintain healthy and productive plants.  CLICK HERE TO SEE SCHEDULE AND BOOK




This course will dive into the basics of extractions and how to inexpensively set up a system using your home microwave. We will talk about how to efficiently extract the target compounds from cannabis/hemp using fats or oils.  This technology will enable you to do your own extractions for topicals or edibles.  CLICK HERE TO SEE SCHEDULE AND BOOK