Sanke Tap American Type D

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Designed to fit American style commercial kegs, the Sanke Head is shipped complete with 5/16” gas tail piece but minus the beer dispensing tail piece, neoprene washer and hex or wing nut.

The American Sanke Keg Coupler is the most commonly utilized system available in the US and is also known as the D Sanke. Employed by all major breweries including Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Molson, Coors and Labatt, the Sanke D system fits most kegs used by craft breweries.

The Sanke Tap features a high capacity relief valve for safely releasing excess pressure and troubleshooting dispensing problems. 

Application Tip:

Due to every keggerator application being slightly distinct and personalized, the beverage dispensing hardware is sold separately. For kegging systems with 3/16” ID tubing, order the 3/16” Tail Piece, neoprene washer and hex or wing nut for proper fit and connection. For kegging systems with ¼” ID tubing, order the ¼” Tail Piece, neoprene washer and hex or wing nut for proper fit and connection.

Application Tip:

For home brewers desiring to serve beer from both commercial and soda kegs, quick adaptation from one format of tap connector to the other can be attained by replacing the normal gas and beverage tail pieces attached to Sanke Taps.  Simply remove the standard 3/16” or ¼” Tail Pieces from the Sanke Taps and substitute a Tail Piece with ¼” MFL Connector to both the gas inlet and beverage outlet of the tap.  Once the MFL connectors have been added to the Sanke Tap, switching from Commercial Keg to Soda keg is easily achieved.  Simply thread the desired Soda Disconnects or Commercial Sanke Tap with MFL Connectors to the female Beverage and Gas Nuts attached to beverage and gas tubing, tap the keg and begin serving!

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