Sanitary Air Filter

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The Sanitary Air Filter can be used for several functions including as an aeration/oxygen and siphon filter.  

Aeration/Oxygen Filter

For aeration/oxygenation operations, using an in-line Sanitary Air Filter provides added protection against potential contaminants.  Simply connect the Sanitary Air Filter between an aquarium pump/oxygen tank and aeration/oxygen stone setup. Filter works great with our Oxygenator System.   

SIphon Filter

Prevents breath contamination in simple siphoning setups. To construct the simple siphoning setup, push a metal racking cane through the shorter stem of a carboy cap and attach a short length of 3/8” tubing and the sanitary air filter to the longer stem. 

To use the siphoning setup, place the carboy used for Primary fermentation on countertop and insert the racking cane/carboy cap set-up into the carboy. Press the carboy cap snugly onto the opening. Place the carboy for secondary fermentation on the floor. Attach a 5 foot length of 3/8”siphon tubing to the racking cane and insert the opposite end into the secondary fermentor.  Blow through the sanitary air filter attached to the short length of tubing on the longer stem and begin the siphoning process. Let pressure and gravity do the rest.

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