Fermentis SafBrew S-33 Dry Brewing Yeast

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A popular general-purpose yeast, the S-33 displays robust fermentation properties and consistent performance. For the production of superb flavors, the strain produces a varied range of top fermented specialty beers, including Belgian style wheat beers, Trappists, etc. Recommended for beers destined for bottle-conditioning, the S-33 shows excellent performance characteristics in high gravity beers, handling alcohol content up to 11.5% ABV.

Fermentation Temperature: 15C-24C (59-75F).

Flocculation: Medium.

Attenuation: High

Application Tip:

For best results, follow the rehydration instructions included on the backside of the sachet. Proper rehydration will guarantee, healthier yeast, a swifter fermentation and better tasting beer.

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