Roasted Barley Briess Oz

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The classic grain associated with stouts, Roasted Barley is produced from unmalted 2 - Row barley. Roasted at high temperatures to color ratings of 300L, the grain imparts dry, acrid bitterness while providing roast and coffee flavors to the finished beer. The roasted grain is often utilized to adjust color in lighter hued beers. In small quantities, Roasted Barley, combined with caramel malts, adds an overall deep red color to Irish Reds ales or India Red Ales.

Lovibond: 300

Use Rate: 3 - 7%

Moisture: 5% Max

Extract: N/A

Application Tip:

To properly color 80 Scottish ale, specify Roasted Barley in a recipe at the rate of 1.6 - 2-7% of the total grist.

For a Dry Irish Stout, specify a recipe with 75.1% Pale ale Malt, 12.9% Flaked Barley, 6% Chocolate Malt, 3% Roasted Barley and 3% Pale Chocolate Malt. To further enhance the roasted grain notes in the finished beer, increase the alkalinity of the mash water with Baking Soda to reach nearly 300 PPM of alkalinity as CaCO3. Hop with a varietal of UK origin to reach 31 - 39 IBUs. Ferment with Wyeast 1084 American Ale Yeast. O.G.: 1.040.

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