Rice Hulls 1 lb

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Rice Hulls provide lautering assistance during mashing, especially in batches with recipes requiring a significant percentage of adjuncts such as rye or oats or malt bills for high gravity styles. For traditional German Wheat beers, Rice Hulls create the conditions for proper wort filtration in traditional malt bills with rates of wheat malt of 50% or greater. For best results, utilize 2- 5% of the grist.

Application Tip:

For 5 – gallon recipes with 20% or more Rye malt or Flaked rye, utilize anywhere from a quarter to a third of a pound of rice hulls to prevent slow runoff or a stuck mash. For a beer with flaked oats, a similar amount will suffice to achieve an adequate flow rate.

To create the proper filter bed, thoroughly mix the Rice Hulls into the mash, distributing the hulls throughout the mash tun, allowing the wort and sparge water to flow through the grain bed and false bottom at a smooth and even rate.

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