Relief Valve (For Ball Lock Keg)

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Replaces threaded, screw-in type valves on the lids used in ball lock kegs. Typically, worn out manual relief valves refuse to reseat properly and will continue to leak CO2 once seemingly reseated. Even slight movement of kegs can loosen the seal of old valves.

Application Tip:

Frustrating and time-consuming leaks can occur at many points in the beverage and gas streams. To adequately check for leaks, create a mild dish washing soap solution and apply it to possible leak points (Poppets, Keg lid seals, Relief Valves, Keg disconnects…). Wherever bubbles form and continue to form is the location of the leak. Try reseating the Poppets, Relief Valves or Keg lids to solve the problem. If the prior techniques do not fix the problem, replace the parts at the location of the leak.

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