Regulator - Nitrogen

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Similar in function to CO2 Regulators, the Nitrogen Regulator controls the dispensing of beer gas or straight nitrogen, providing the classic “nitro” cascade from carbonation created by beer gas. By installing a Stout Faucet home brewers can further enhance the effect of beer gas, allowing for the perfect pour every time.  


  • Dual gauge, including PSI out and pressure remaining in tank
  • Nitrogen tank connector
  • Check valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Adjustment knob
  • 5/16” outlet barb for proper connection to gas tubing

Application Tip:

Bulkiness and weight of regulator will cause the Nitrogen tank and regulator assembly to become top heavy, especially as the beer gas level is reduced in the tank during carbonation and serving operations. To safeguard the regulator, Brew and Grow highly recommends the purchase of a protective Gauge Cage or economical Rubber Gauge Boot to guard the regulator against accidental impact and damage. 

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