Real Growers Grow Dots 75gram

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  • Programmed Release Feeding Schedule
  • 6-Week Veg / 10-Week Bloom
  • One Application = Full Grow Cycle
  • Feeds 1 Plant, Up to 7-Gallon Growing Container
  • Contains NPK, Cal-Mag, and Micronutrients


Light Green Dots; N-P-K

Programmed release over the first 6 weeks of your grow cycle. High Nitrogen, for strong, vegetative growth. Phosphorus and Potassium, for stronger, healthier plant roots.


Dark Green Dots: Phosphorus and Potassium

These dots kick in after 30 days, delivering more phosphorus and potassium to your plants while they’re in bloom.


Orange/Brown Dots: Calcium and Magnesium

The right amount of Cal-Mag, provided throughout your grow cycle. Calcium, for nutrient mobility. Magnesium, so your plants can make the most of your light source.


Ugly Rock-Looking Dots

These are our proprietary blend of highly soluble micronutrients. Like the Orange/Brown Dots, these micronutrients slowly release over your full grow cycle.


The result is a one-and-done solution that makes plant feeding easy.

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