Purple Cow Organics Activated Compost 1 cu ft Bag

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Purple Cow Organics Activated Compost With MicroLife is a scientifically formulated, tested, and certified premium compost - vermicompost based product. It delivers a full-range of benefits, along with metabolic building blocks to enrich and enliven your soil's foodweb. Purple Cow is formulated beginning with composted leaves and alfalfa fiber. Alfalfa contains a naturally-occurring plant hormone; triacontanol, that research has proven to promote root growth. During the composting process of Purple Cow, beneficial "soil foods", including greensand, rock dusts, and kelp meal stimulate a diversity of microorganisms along with adding macro and micronutrients. Kelp contains growth hormones, auxins, cytokines, and gibberellins, which increase root development substantially. Finally, MicroLife, Purple Cow's own blend of vermicompost worm castings, is added for final activation of the product. Purple Cow supplies beneficial microorganisms and organic humus to the growing media of soil, harmoniously enhancing your soil's biology and making nutrients more available for plant uptake. Purple Cow improves soil structure and porosity, creating a better plant root environment, resulting in a healthier plant overall.

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