Pump Sprayer (4L/1Gal)

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The 1 gallon Flo-Master pump sprayer is an all-purpose sprayer with the features you want. The Flo-Master has a funnel top with pour spout, and is made from durable poly making it corrosion resistant. The Flo-Master utilizes a poly wand with an adjustable nozzle and poly flow control with lock-on feature. The perfect, large, general-use sprayer.

Why Foliar Spray? There are several reasons you may want to spray your plants. Foliar feeding is a great way to deliver growth-promoting nutrients and compounds as well as beneficial organisms. Having an ongoing spray program to help guard your plants from pest infestation or fungal attack is a good idea. Unfortunately, the most common reason people spray is to battle an already existing pest or fungal problem. I came across a lot of conflicting information while researching the best techniques for a spray program. Most sources agree that spraying when the lights first come on is best, with spraying just before the lights go off as being “acceptable”. This is probably true for foliar feeding, but for pest and disease prevention or control, I prefer to spray just before the lights go off. Try to keep your temperature low and your humidity high when you spray, so your solution doesn’t dry too quickly. In some cases, raising your lights until the spray dries may be necessary. When foliar feeding, do not use a strong nutrient solution as it may cause burning. Most sources recommend a pH between 6.2 and 7 for foliar feeding. When you spray something for the first time, begin with a test spray on a single plant. Sometimes a plant will have a bad reaction to a spray, so it is better to make a small mistake instead of a big one. When spraying, do a thorough coverage, paying particular attention to the undersides of the leaves. With whatever spray you are mixing, using a wetting agent and fulvic acid will improve coverage and penetration. Using distilled or reverse osmosis water is recommended.

Effective foliar feeding will increase the sugar in a plant’s leaves resulting in robust plant health. Use a refractometer to measure your results. I quit foliar feeding two weeks before harvest. After halting foliar feeding, I spray once a day for two days with RO water. One last, important recommendation; be certain to designate separate sprayers for each different solution being used.

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