Premier Classique Red Star Wine Yeast 5 gram

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Premier Classique (fka Montrachet)

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Product Description:
Originating from collection at UC Davis, Red Star® Montrachet (Davis 522) has been widely used in the U.S. since 1963. The yeast strain ferments within a wide temperature range(15°C to 35°C, 59°F to 95°F).

With a high alcohol tolerance, the strain is a quick starter and strong fermenter, readily fermenting grape musts and fruit juices to dryness. The yeast exhibits a good toleration of free sulfur dioxide and is alcohol tolerant up to 15% and rapidly crowds out indigenous microflora transfered during crush from the grape skins. Operates in  musts poor in available nitrogen, the Montrachet yeast ferments in difficult conditions such as highly clarified musts and high SO2 content. 

Premier Classique produces low amounts of volatile acidity and acetaldehyde.

Montrachet is not recommended for grapes recently dusted with sulfur due to the strains tendency to produce hydrogen sulfide in the presence of higher concentrations of sulfur compounds. 


Recommended for full-bodied reds and whites, Premier Classique is noted for good flavor and varietal complexity and intense color.An Ideal strain for big volumes of wine when winemakers are mainly looking for a safe fermentation. 


Selected for the strains ability to create clean aromas, the yeast is regarded as a neutral strain, allowing the varietals native characteristics to be exhibited in the finished wine.

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