Premier Blanc Red Star Wine Yeast 5 gram

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Premiere Blanc (fka Pasteur Champagne)

Saccharomyces bayanus

Product Description:
Derived from a pure culture slant at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, Red Star® Pasteur Champagne (Davis 595) has been widely used in the U.S. since 1968.

A strong fermenter with good ethanol tolerance, the yeast will readily ferment grape musts and fruit juices to dryness. This strain also has good tolerance to free sulfur dioxide. The strain ferments best between 15-30 deg. C, (59-86 deg. F) and exhibits a high alcohol tolerance above 16%. Although the strain is somewhat flocculant, the Champagne yeast is recommended for creating sparkling wine by traditional or Charmat methods. A particularly strong yeast, the strain ferments with low volatile acidity and acetaldehyde production and can operate in a low nutrient environment.


Creating body and roundness due to high glycerol production, the strain is recommended for all white wines, some reds, young and high alcohol wines and fruit juices, promoting the development of fresh, clean flavors and aromas.

For ciders, the strain will ferment the juice to dryness, leaving the beverage, crisp, dry, fruity and tart.

For kick-starting sluggish or stuck fermentations, Premiere Blanc ably finishes the remaining fermentable sugars in wines, meads and high gravity style beers.

Application Tip:

For creating quality fermentations, rehydrate the yeast by following the directions outlined on the strains packaging. Rehydrating “proofs” the yeast and results in more active cells “ready to go” before pitching into musts.  By not rehydrating, cell count will be diminished and fermentation will proceed in a more sluggish manner, including a longer lag time prior to onset of fermentation.

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