Potassium Bicarbonate 2 oz

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For reducing acidity in a finished wine, Potassium Bicarbonate is introduced into the wine prior to fining and operates most effectively while the wine undergoes cold stabilization.

 Application Tip:

To properly add the Potassium Bicarbonate, dissolve in a small amount of wine prior to adding into the larger batch. For wine being cold stabilized, add 1 gram of Bicarbonate/liter of wine or 1 – 11/3 tsp per gallon to lower Total Acidity by .1% Reducing acidity by more than .3% is not recommended.

 Application Tip:

Wines measured with a pH higher than 3.5 should not receive any additions of P. Bicarbonate. To maintain quality and effectiveness, the container should be fastened securely with the provided lid.

Application Tip:

For further information regarding acid reduction and pH management in the wine production process, Brew and Grow recommends reading Daniel Pambianchi, Techniques in Home Wine Making. Comprehensive and accessible, the author offers tips and tricks for producing fine finished wines from the beginning to the conclusion of the process.

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