Poppet Valve (Becker)

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Periodically, during serving or carbonating operations, the Becker Disconnect Poppet may become damaged or wear out over time, leaking CO2 or liquid from the keg.  To replace the poppet, simply unscrew the Liquid Plug Cap from the top of the disconnect, replace with a new poppet and thread the plug cap back into the disconnect.

Storing a small inventory of disconnect poppets in the brewery will prevent tap line downtime following a rare but occasional poppet failure.

Application Tip:

Following the connection of disconnects to the soda keg plugs, gas may be heard escaping or liquid may be observed leaking from a disconnect. The disconnect may not be the source of the leak. The Ball Lock Plug O-Ring may be damaged or worn out. Replacing the o-ring first will solve most disconnect leakage issues. 

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