Pilsner Rahr 55 Lb

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Rahr Premium Pilsner is an American, lager-style base malt made from premium North American 2-row barley. Its light color, neutral flavor, and low protein content make Premium Pilsner an excellent choice for brewing clear, clean-tasting lagers.

Lovibond: 1.5 - 2

Usage Rate: 100%

Moisture:  4% Max

Extract:  80%

Application Tip:

For beers brewed with moderately hard water and levels of alkalinity over 100 ppm and pH above 7.0, add Acidulated Malt to a grist of Pilsner and Carafoam malts for a Pilsner style to reach the proper pH between 5.2 and 5.8 at mash temperature. Typical utilization rates for Acidulated malt will range between 3-4% of the total grist.Â

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