Picnic Faucet

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For beer on the go or economical keg setups, the Picnic Faucet provides easy dispensing at outings or inside the refrigerator. Manufactured with a two-position valve and an integrated barb for fitting to ¼” beverage tubing. 

Application Tip:

Dispensing from a keg is simple and cost-effective by connecting the Picnic Faucet to a Ball Lock Disconnect’s Beverage, Nut and Stem assembly with one foot of ¼” beverage tubing and two clamps. Following a few minutes of assembly time, beer or any other carbonated beverage is ready to be poured from a soda keg and enjoyed. Typical serving pressure with such serving apparatus will be 2- 5 PSI.

With Pin Lock kegs, the same serving apparatus can be swiftly constructed with a Pin Lock Disconnect. 

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