Omega Yeast - Voss Kveik

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Voss Kveik is a proprietary strain that you will not find anywhere else.

A traditional Norwegian "kveik" strain from the farmhouse brewery of Sigmund Gjernes in Voss, Norway, this strain (like OYL-057 HotHead) is capable of fermenting across a broad temperature range with little change in flavor profile.

Voss Kveik is non-phenolic and produces a beer with moderate citrus notes allowing it to pair very well with citrusy and fruity hops. This strain is not fast at the low end of the range so don be afraid to pitch at temperatures in the middle to upper part of the range. Ferments between 68-98F

Flocculation: Medium

Attenuation: 75-82%

Temperature Range: 72-98°

Alcohol Tolerance: 12%



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