Omega Yeast - Saisonstein's Monster

Article number: OYL-500
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The first of a forthcoming series of hybridized yeast strains from Omega Yeast Labs, Saisonstein's Monster provides the best of both worlds. Combining the French and Belgian Saison Strains, the Monster produces a nice balance of fruit flavor from the Belgian strain with the fermentability of the French yeast. Exhibiting the best characteristics of both yeasts, the Monster is created by and available exclusively from Omega Yeast Labs.

Flocculation: Low

Attenuation: 80 - 90%

Temperature Range: 65-78F (18-26C)

Alcohol Tolerance: High

With cooler fermentation, the hybridized strain will produce hints of bubblegum and fruity phenolics strong finisher, the yeast strain will attenuate much of the available sugars in the wort. Rousing the yeast back into suspension will guarantee the Monster completing fermentation, leaving the beer dry, but still maintaining body in the finished beer.

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