Omega Yeast - Lactobacillus Blend

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Containing three Lactobacillus strains - brevis, delbrueckii, and plantarum.  The Lactobacillus blend ferments across a wide temperature range. The Lactobacillus plantarum strain was isolated in collaboration with Marz Community Brewing from a starter inoculated with whole malt grains and the strain sours efficiently at lower temperatures (65F-100F) compared to other Lactobacillus species.
For kettle souring a 5 gallon batch, prepare a 1 liter starter with a specific gravity of approximately 1.040 and pour contents of pouch into starter. Incubate 24-48 hours at room temperature to increase cell count. Prepare wort as normal and cool to 75-95F. Pitch Lactobacillus starter into wort, allow the souring effect to reach the desired level. Maximum levels of sourness should develop within 48 hours. Due to the efficient souring action of the plantarum, the blend does not require fermentation temperatures to be maintained at the high end of the range. When the desired sourness is achieved, re-boil the wort to kill the Lactobacillus. Cool wort and pitch yeast to complete fermentation.To utilize the blend for longer term souring, pitch contents of pouch directly into wort or finished beer. Sourness can take 3 or more months to develop. IBUs should be kept below 10 so as not to inhibit Lactobacillus growth.
  • Flocculation: NA
  • Attenuation: NA
  • Temperature Range: 68-95° F
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