O-Ring Perlick Lever Seat

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The black rubber O-Ring creates a liquid tight seal between the faucet body and the lever assembly and is seated in the bottom most groove inside the body of Perlick Faucet’s.

Application Tip:

If the Perlick Faucet leaks from the nozzle following closure of the handle lever, the o-ring may be worn out and in need of replacement.

To locate the o-ring, remove the handle jacket, compression bonnet and lever assembly from the top of the faucet body. The o-ring will be visible above the main cavity of the faucet.

The o-ring is easily extracted from the groove while the faucet is still attached to the faucet shank. To remove the o-ring, sanitize a pair of slender needle nose pliers and a jeweler’s screwdriver. Use the tools to dislodge, grasp and remove the o-ring from the groove.

To install a new, sanitized o-ring, insert the o-ring into the opening created by the removal of the lever assembly. Use the jeweler’s screwdriver to gently situate the o-ring into the lower most groove situated above the faucet cavity. Once the o-ring has been accurately placed in the groove, spray sanitizer inside the cavity and re-install the sanitized lever assembly, compression bonnet and handle jacket. 

Perlick O-Ring Lever Seat shown as # 2 in the following diagram.

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