O-Ring Dip Tube Original

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Nearly universal, the Dip Tube O-Ring fits the inner beverage and gas dip tubes of Cornelius, Firestone, Spartanburg Challenger V, VI and Super Challenger ball and pin lock kegs. Will not fit certain Firestone Pin-Lock Kegs.

Application Tip:

To prevent troublesome leaks and potential infections, Brew and Grow recommends replacing all keg o-rings annually. 

Beer Line Foaming Issues:

If foam fills the beer line once normal CO2 serving pressure has been applied and a minimal amount of beer passes through the beverage tubing once the beer faucet is opened, the dip tube o-ring placed on the beverage dip tube in the keg may be damaged or worn out,. Replacing the dip tube o-ring will typically solve many foaming issues.

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