O-Ring Closure Original / Keg

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Formed of high quality soft rubber, the Closure Original fits both ball and pin lock keg lids, providing effective leak protection for beers requiring low and high – pressure CO2 settings.

To prevent troublesome leaks and potential infections, Brew and Grow recommends replacing all keg o-rings and poppets annually.

Application Tip:

Frustrating and time-consuming leaks can occur at many points in the beverage and gas streams. To adequately check for leaks, create a mild dish washing soap solution and apply it to possible leak points (Poppets, Keg lid seals, Relief Valves, Keg disconnects…). Wherever bubbles form and continue to form is the location of the leak. Try reseating the Poppets, Relief Valves or Keg lids to solve the problem. If the prior techniques do not fix the problem, replace the parts at the location of the leak.

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