NZ Motueka Pellets 1 oz

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Displaying similarities to the varieties Saazer parentage, Motueka provides lemon and lime along with tropical fruit notes in the finished beer. For SMaSH beers, the varietal proves excellent for multiple flavor and aroma additions, presenting a mild and pleasant effect following fermentation. From first wort to flame out additions, Motueka’s fruitiness and clean bittering effectively balances malt sweetness in beers fermented with yeast displaying medium attenuation characteristics.

Motueka is suitable for Belgian ales and adds a real edge to cask style bitters. For Bohemian style pilsners, the varietal’s characteristics provide a unique “new World” noble quality to the classic style. 

Typical A. A: 6.5 – 7.5%

Possible Substitutions: Czech Saaz, Sterling

Application Tip:

For a distinctive Belgian – New Zealand style cream ale, combine Motueka and Pacifica hops as flavor and aroma additions and ferment with Belgian Strong or Belgain Abbey ale yeasts, creating a finished beer with distinctive tropical fruit notes, especially an orange quality similar to Creamsicle. 

By blending with a couple of New Zealand hop varieties, Motueka contributes a lemon/limey citrus twist to the grape/gooseberry of N. Sauvin and the Creamsicle orange qualities of Pacifica.

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