Munich 10L Briess Oz

Article number: 121

Small amounts added to the mash-in grist will improve the malty flavor. Flavor contributions: robust malty. Munich will enhance beer body, color, and aroma of dark beers such as Bock and Oktoberfest.

Lovibond: 10 L


Application Tip:

For just about anything German or continental European in style, Munich malt adds mellow maltiness and subtle sweetness to a wide range of lagers. For Dopplebocks, Munich malt can compose a majority of the grist with a typical 60% Munich to 40% Vienna ratio. Indispensable for faceting a variety of beers, a utilization rate of between ½ - 2 lbs. for a 5 gallon batch or 5-20% of the malt bill depending on the style and color target.

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