Mosaic Hop Pellet 1 oz

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With a relatively high alpha acid content and low co-humulone level, Mosaic bears a wide range of pleasing flavors and aromas, easily conveyed into the finished beer.

With flavor and aroma characteristics described as pear, gooseberry, mandarin, lime, peach, tropical fruit, citrus, blueberry, herbal, earthy and pine characteristics, Mosaic presents the desired features expected in a modern American aroma hop.

Typical A.A: 11.5 – 13.5%

Possible Substitutions: N/A

Application Tip:

Typically utilized in American style IPA’s, Mosaic provides pleasing aroma’s and flavors in the finished beer. Place the hops in the wort with thirty minutes or less remaining in the boil. For interesting results, try utilizing the hop bursting technique, adding all the hops to the kettle with twenty minutes or less remaining in the boil. 

For an excellent hop pairing, utilize Mosaic and Citra together in either the boil or in dry hopping. The combination provides complementary flavors and aromas. Due to Citra's higher oil content, utlize, in a 5 - gallon batch, .67 oz Mosaic to .50 oz. Citra in the boil or dry hopping to create the proper balance between the two hops.

Other interesting combinations are Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic and El Dorado. Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin will lend a strong tropical fruit dynamic to pale ales while used in first wort and dry hop additions. For a 5 -gallon batch, specify Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic in even quantities to achieve balance between the hops flavors and aromas due to the two hops near equivalent essential oil percentages.

For Mosaic and El Dorado, utilize a ratio of .67 Mosaic to .50 oz. El Dorado due to the difference in Essential oils in each hop. For a Double IPA, use the previous ratio in first wort and dry hopping additions. To add a bit of pungent edge to the two hops, add .25 oz. Chinook to balance out the candy type sweetness of the El Dorado and Mosaic in the finished beer. 

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