Midnight Wheat Briess Oz

Article number: 120

Producing no bitter, astringent or dry flavors, Midnight Wheat starts slightly sweet with hints of roasted flavor while finishing exceptionally clean, subtle and smooth.  The dark wheat malt may be used in any recipe calling for de-bittered black malt. For imparting black hues to finished beers, Midnight Wheat Malt is the smoothest source of color correction from any malt available and will impart dark brown to black tones depending on the amount specified in the recipe. 

Lovibond: 550

Use Rate: 1-7 %

Moisture: 6.5% Max

Extract: N/A

Application Tip:

Excellent for providing color to Black IPAs, Schwarzbier and other dark ales and lagers, Midnight Wheat may be specified in 1-2% of the grist for minor color correction with little or no flavor impact. To add more intense coloration and subtle, smooth flavor to the finished beer, utilize 2-5% in the recipe. In amounts ranging from 5-7%, Midnight Wheat will contribute deep black hues and hints of smooth roast in the flavor and aroma profile. 

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