Melanoidin Weyermann Oz

Article number: 423

Weyermann Melanoidin is a kilned specialty malt with an intense malt aroma and unique brewing characteristics. It has a high degree of modification of both proteins and starches, excellent friability, low glucan values, and high acidity. These attributes help promote flavor stability, add body, and produce a smooth mouthfeel. Weyermann Melanoidin malt adds a deep amber to red-brown color to finished beer. The rich malt flavor has notes of honey and biscuit. Melanoidin malt is best used in dark or red-colored beers such as amber ales, scottish ales, Irish red ales, bocks, and Kellerbier.


Malt Type: Specialty
Grain Origin: Germany
Color: 23-31Lovibond (60-80 EBC)
Moisture: 4.5% max.
Extract (dry): 75% min.
Diastatic Power:  
Usage: 20% max.


Application Tip:

To gently intensify the malty flavors of an Oktoberfest, add ~ 3.6 % to the grain bill while scheduling a step mash program with rests at 131 for 30 Min, 144 for 30 Min., 148 for 20 Min.,  154 for 15 min. and 162F for 5 min. The Melanoidin addition will also enhance the amber-reddish hue of the style.

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