Magnum Hop Pellet US 1 oz

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With no real distinct aroma characteristics, Magnum is viewed favorably as a clean bittering hop for a wide range of Ales and Lagers.

Having gained acceptance in craft beer brewing, Magnum often comprises the majority of the bittering qualities in numerous commercial pale ale’s and Imperial styles. Great for reducing the overall quantities of bittering hops in the kettle, the high alpha variety allows brewers to drop the amount of vegetal matter in contact with the wort, lessening the potential for astringent flavors to be introduced into the finished beer. 

Typical A. A: 10 – 14% 

Possible Substitutions: German Magnum

Application Tip:

For nearly any style ale or lager, Magnum provides a clean bitterness to beers such as pale ale, porter, American wheat, IPA, Black IPA, Schwarzbier and a wide range of beers requiring a smooth bittering quality in the finished beer.

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