Magnetic 3-Chamber Herb Grinder Black - 2.5 INCH

Article number: AC-GDD25
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  • A manual grinder designed to produce finely ground herbs, spices, buds, and other plant material.
  • Multi-chamber design grates herbs to catch onto the mesh filter and collect pollen in the kief chamber.
  • Long-lasting ultra-sharp teeth smoothly grind plant material during twisting for greater consistency.
  • Aluminum alloy construction with a magnetic lid to store ground herbs in a secure and durable case.
  • Small and compact form factor is easier to handle and can fit in your pocket for portable travel use.



A manual grinder designed to process a variety of plant material to produce such yields as finely ground herbs, spices, and buds. It features a three-chamber system made up of four components, each made of a sleek and durable aluminum alloy. Placing herbs in between the ultra-sharp teeth will grate them into a fine consistency to then catch onto the micron-mesh filter. Residual pollen and other microparticles will fall through to collect in the kief chamber and easily empty out. The magnetic lid securely keeps your grind from spilling as you twist and create a smooth grinding experience.



The herb grinder is small and compact, making it easier to handle and fit in your pocket for portable travel use. This portability makes for ideal use as a quick grinder of buds for outdoor settings, as well as foodstuffs like herbs, spices, vanilla, and tea in cooking settings.

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