Lalvin RC-212 Dry Wine Yeast

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Bourgovin RC 212
Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Originating from the Burgundy region of France, the RC-212 was selected for the strains ability to ferment a traditional heavier-style Burgundian Pinot Noir.

Oenological Properties:

A low foaming, moderate speed fermenter, the RC 212 operates optimally at fermentation temperatures ranging from 20° to 30°C (68° to 86°F). With the yeasts considerably low production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and sulfur dioxide (SO2), the RC 212 shows alcohol tolerance to 16%.


The RC 212 is recommended for both young and aged red varieties requiring complete fermentation, such as Gamay, Zinfindela and Grenache. Beyond comprehensive attenuation of available fermentable sugars, the strain maintains color stability in lighter red styles throughout fermentation and aging. RC-212 consistently ferments Pinot Noir, producing the style with a quality structure creating and emphasizes the rich flavors and aromas of ripe berry, fruit, pepper and spice.

Application Tip:

For creating quality fermentations, rehydrate the yeast by following the directions outlined on the strains packaging. Rehydrating “proofs” the yeast and results in more active cells “ready to go” before pitching into musts.  By not rehydrating, cell count will be diminished and fermentation will proceed in a more sluggish manner, including a longer lag time prior to onset of fermentation.

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