Lalvin K1V-1116 Dry Wine Yeast

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ICV K1V-1116
Saccharomyces cerevisiae

The K1V-1116 strain was the first competitive factor "killer" yeast to go into commercial production. Tending to express the freshness of white grape varieties, the K1V-strain has become one of the most widely used active dried wine yeasts in the world.

Oenological properties

The K1V-1116 strain is a rapid starter with a constant and complete fermentation. With a fermentation temperature range of 10° - 35°C (50° and 95°F), the K1V is capable of surviving a number of difficult conditions, such as low nutrient musts and high levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2) or sugar. Tolerant of alcohol levels up to 18%, Wines fermented with the K1V-1116 have very low volatile acidity, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and foam production.

The K1V-1116 strain tends to express the freshness of white grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Seyval. The natural fresh fruit aromas are retained longer than with other standard yeast strains. Fruit wines and wines made from concentrates poor in nutrient balance benefit from the capacity of K1V-1116 to adapt to difficult fermentation conditions.

The strain is highly recommended for fermenting dry whites, aged reds and late harvest wines.

Due to the high alcohol tolerance, the K1V ably restarts stuck fermentations in high gravity beers, meads or high alcohol wines.

For ciders, the K1V demonstrates a “Killer” nature by crowding out wild yeasts and fermenting cleanly and quickly.

For meads, K1V ferments cleanly, allowing the aromas and flavors of the honey to shine and the yeast provides an especially clean character to melomels.

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