Lallemand Belle Saison Ale Yeast 11g

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For the production of complex flavors and aroma’s, the Belle Saison strain creates fruity, spicy and peppery notes in the finished beer, especially in the classic Saison and Farmhouse styles. Selected for the strains quick starts and vigorous fermentations, the Belle Saison yeast ferments swiftly with high attenuation and high alcohol tolerance. For optimum performance, rehydrate the yeast prior to pitching. Following inoculation, allow the fermentation temperature to rise to provide the wort with the environment for the strain to finish fermentation speedily, supplying the expected attenuation and flavor profile in the beer. 

Fermentation temperature: 17° to 32°C (63° to 90°F)

Flocculation: Low

Alcohol Tolerance: High

Attenuation: High

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