Kettle Spider

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For an easier and efficient brewing session, the Kettle Spider allows home brewers to attach a reusable drawstring nylon bag to the inner ring of the spider, providing a convenient method for steeping grains in extract batches or placing multiple hop additions into boiling wort.

While utilizing bags for hops or grain, full extraction is often messy, inconvenient and costly. With an ideal placement in the middle of your kettle, the Kettle Spider aids in extraction of flavor, aroma, color and head retentive and bodifying properties from grains during steeping operations.

During wort boiling, the attached bag permits optimal infusion of alpha acids for bittering and essential oils for flavor and aroma, extracting the desired properties cleanly and proficiently. 

The Kettle Spider’s open bag design allows brewers to add scheduled hops throughout the boil while reducing total number of bags required, especially for the Hop Delivery Device better known as the American IPA. Continuously add all the hops specified in the recipe while keeping the bag from the bottom of the kettle, preventing damage and deterioration of bag material.

Beyond ease of implementation, reusing Nylon bags reduces the price tag per batch by eliminating disposable cheesecloth bags and lessening environmental impact.

Manufactured from 304 Stainless steel with adjustable anti-slip silicone sleeves, the Kettle Spider fits most kettles in the home brewing environment. 

Hole Diameter: 3 3/4" 

Arm Lengths: 9".

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