Kettle Conversion Kit - Stainless Steel

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Quickly and efficiently add a ball valve to your kettle with a Stainless Steel Conversion Kit. For brewers desiring nothing less than stainless steel, our Stainless conversion kit features the same specs as our brass valve, but all points of contact with wort are stainless steel. For easy connection of high temperature or standard transfer tubing, our kit includes a stainless steel barb threaded to the stainless steel ball valve.


o Stainless Steel bulkhead: extends inside kettle 1 ½”

o Bulkhead machined with ½” FPT for attaching Bazooka Screen

o Silicon gasket rated for 375 F

o Silicon gasket, non expanding during tightening procedures

o Stainless Ball valve shipped with an attached 1/2" hose barb

Installation of kit requires fashioning a 7/8” hole in the kettle with a step drill bit and high torque, low speed drill, a set of channel locks and/or crescent type wrench. Tools are not included in kits.

Application Tip:

To more successfully and efficiently complete installation of the ball valve, periodically lubricate the location on the kettle being drilled. Apply a semi-viscous dish soap to the drill place for the 7/8" hole, such as Dawn or other similar type products. By squirting a small portion of soap onto the kettle during drilling, the amount of friction will be greatly reduced, creating conditions for a high quality cut into the stainless steel and a better fit for the ball valve. 

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